Ever wondered why your friend has a 2nd line US phone number. No, it’s not necessarily that he or she has something to hide. More often than not, it is out of privacy concern. With record level of scamming occurring on a daily basis in the US, more are subscribing to a 2nd line US phone number.

Let us tell you how a 2nd line US phone number protects you against scammers and telemarketers and why you should use it.

What is a 2nd line US phone number?

A second line provides you a second phone number which you can use when making any calls or receiving messages. The use of a second phone line involves the traditional method of obtaining a 2nd SIM card or installing a second number through mobile apps.

Owning a second phone line has becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience that it brings but more importantly, due to the protection it offers against scammers and telemarketers.

How do scammers and telemarketers operate?

Scammers operate by sending phishing messages calls to your number and re-direct your bogus websites that demands for your personal information. This information obtained include your bank account number but increasingly your contact number alone may be sufficient for these scammers to extort financial gains from you.

Telemarketers often solicit bulks of contact information and personal data from illegal sources and spam you with unwanted messages and advertisement such as financial deals and packages.

While the “Do not call list” legally protects you from these telemarketers , such incidents by telemarketers and scammers continue to happen and seem to be getting worse.

"Do not call" list ensures legal protection against telemarketers, but enforcement may not be as good

How a 2nd line US phone number protects against scammers

A 2nd line US phone number can protect you against the worst scamming tactics out there. Often, we become victims to scammers by accidentally sharing our details to them using our real number.

Ever had a situation where you registered a package with a fake caller, only to realize that the person over the phone was a scammer? You may have only conversed with him for minutes but the use of your real phone number alone might have given him all the information he needs to extort you financially.

With a 2nd line US phone number, we can register for packages and deals without having to worry of divulging our true contacts.

How a 2nd line US phone number protects against telemarketers

How about telemarketers? Telemarketers are able to send you messages as and when they desire. You may have unsubscribed to their messages but some still send you messages intentionally.

With a 2nd line US phone number, you can divert all the messages from the deals, packages and promotions that you subscribe, away from your real personal number.

How to get a 2nd line US phone number

A 2nd line US phone number can be acquired with relative ease these days. Apart from getting a second line through the purchase of a 2nd SIM card, or through Google Voice you can get a 2nd line US phone number from mobile apps such as Phoner.

Such mobile apps offers 2nd line US phone number from over 50 states. Simply use Phoner to protect yourself against scammers and telemarketers.