Having a caller ID faker with unlimited minutes is likely one of the best ways to protect your mobile privacy today.

Most of us aren’t strangers to getting calls from spoofed phone numbers. Telemarketers and scam callers use caller ID changers to mask caller ID all the time.

But it’s not all bad. A caller ID faker with unlimited minutes can also be your best defence against:

  1. unsolicited telemarketing and spam calls
  2. repeated calls from an over-obsessive stalker
  3. harassment by business clients
  4. identity thieves harvesting personal data for Credential Stuffing Attacks

What is a caller ID faker, and how do you get a caller ID faker with unlimited minutes? This guide will answer these questions and more.

What is a caller ID faker and how does it work?

A caller ID faker is basically anything that hides your actual caller ID.

Caller ID fakers can be virtual phone number services, caller ID faker apps, part of a suite of services provided by Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers, or even regular phone service providers.

Most caller ID fakers work on the concept of caller ID spoofing.

(image credit: FTC) FTC Infographic on what caller ID spoofing is and how it works

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), caller ID spoofing is when a caller deliberately falsifies information shown on your called ID display to hide who they actually are.

A more specific form of caller ID spoofing, known as neighbour spoofing, refers to spoofing in which a number similar to your own is displayed on your called ID.

Why would I want a caller ID faker with unlimited minutes?

Personal privacy is in short supply these days, but you can greatly enhance your privacy protection by getting a caller ID faker.

Think about it. Every time you use your actual phone number to fill in an online form or survey, advertise your services on Craigslist, or display it openly on social dating sites, more and more people have your contact details. Most are likely people you won’t ever know.

And you have no idea what they might do with critical personal data like your phone number.

Having a caller ID faker with unlimited minutes provides you with a long-term solution for protecting your mobile privacy. After all, a caller ID faker that’s one-use only really isn’t that useful, is it?

How to get a caller ID faker with unlimited minutes in 3 ways

Before you look for a caller ID faker, remember that you’re searching for a long-term solution to effectively hide your actual phone number.

This means you shouldn’t settle for any option that just gives you a limited number of phone numbers to choose from. The best caller ID fakers allow you to change phone numbers without limit.

To get a caller ID faker with unlimited minutes, you can try one of the 5 following suggestions:

Solution 1: Sign up with an online call spoofing service

Online call spoofing services have been around far longer than fake phone number or call spoofing apps were around.

Most operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, but Bluff My Call offers a rare $29.95/month unlimited subscription plan.

Buff My Call gives you a caller ID faker with unlimited minutes for 29.95/month

Bluff My Call not only allows you to change your caller ID, but also comes with  features such as:

  • Call recording
  • Voicemail redirect
  • Voice changer

It also includes a unique "Call Notes" feature, which allows you to make a note by leaving a message that will be recorded separately after a call.

Solution 2: Use a VoIP call spoofing service

A key reason why there are so many spoofed calls today is because of the rise of VoIP providers.

Before VoIP providers like Google Voice or Asterisk became popular, call spoofing required expensive telephony equipment.

Today, VoIP providers offer call spoofing with minimal cost and effort.

Because they send and receive calls via the internet rather than traditional phone lines, many VoIP providers offer unlimited minutes. Just take WhatsApp or Telegram, for example.

Asterisk is a VoIP provider that offers call spoofing services.

However, because VoIP calls rely on the internet instead of traditional phone lines. You’ll need mobile data or a WiFi connection in order to make them.

Plus, most VoIP providers also provide just 1 to 2 additional phone numbers – not very useful if you don’t want to leave a digital trail.

Solution 3:  Get a free call spoofing app

If you just want a caller ID faker that lets you pull off as many quick pranks on friends and family as you want,  give free call spoofing apps a try.

Typically, call spoofing apps do not provide separate phone numbers. Fake Caller ID, for example, only allows you to:

  • generate a fake caller ID whenever you make a call to someone else.
  • simulate fake calls to yourself
Fake Caller ID is an example of a call spoofing app.

For both features, Fake Caller ID is free. That means you get to make as many fake phone calls to other people or yourself as you want.

Need a caller ID faker and multiple fake phone numbers?

Ultimately, there is a difference between spoofing a phone number and getting a second phone number to conceal your actual phone number.

But when it comes to mobile privacy, both options are pretty much one and the same. It’s all about not exposing your real phone number.

Second phone number apps or fake phone numbers can do what caller ID fakers do and more.

With a second phone number from these apps, you can actually make calls on your second phone number, not just use it as a façade.

Phoner is one such second phone number app.

Phoner can help protect your mobile privacy just like a caller ID faker and more

Phoner does not offer unlimited minutes, but in exchange you'll have:

  • access to unlimited phone numbers from around the world.
  • unlimited phone numbers you can use anywhere, anytime without a new SIM card
  • Phone number lookup
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail customisation

and more.

To use Phoner just like a caller ID faker, simply get yourself a premium number, and use it to receive calls and messages instead of your actual phone number.

To get a premium number on Phoner, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download Phoner from the Google Play Store or Apple Store
  2. Tap the top left icon to open the menu
  3. Select “Get premium Number”.
  4. Choose your preferred number
  5. Select how long you wish to use it for.

Protect your mobile privacy with a caller ID faker

Call spoofing is on the rise, and the best way to protect yourself from unsolicited phone calls or identity theft is to spoof your own phone numbers too.

And those are 3 ways how you can get a caller ID faker with unlimited minutes. Get a caller ID faker for safer calls and texts today!