There are fewer better feelings when browsing than clicking on a page and getting results almost instantly. In the same vein, there are fewer more frustrating things than having to wait for ages to load a simple webpage.

There are many reasons your Android WiFi is slow, and we will briefly examine some of them. We will also consider a quick fix for this problem. (Spoiler alert: a VPN.)

Three reasons why your Android has slow internet

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Many reasons come into play with slow internet speeds. Some of them are:

ISP throttling

ISP throttling is when your internet service provider purposely caps how fast your internet can get. When your ISP throttles your network, you can experience stable internet speeds when browsing a web page but experience slow internet when streaming a video. ISPs often cap your internet speed for certain services to try to force you to pay for a more premium data plan. ISP throttling also enables the internet service provider to cut down on data usage across their entire network. This then reduces the strain on their facilities and therefore allows them to cater to more customers.

Bad router positioning

Sometimes when you say, “the WiFi on my phone is slow,” it is just a result of the bad placement of your router. It could also be due to the poor location of your router relative to your phone. The closer you are to your router, the better your WiFi connection should be. In a case where you are a fair distance away from your router, it could influence the speed of your internet negatively. Obstacles in the way of your signal may also slow your internet speed. Walls, doors, and other bulky articles can block your router’s signals and make your Android WiFi slow.


A VPN can solve the problem of slow WiFi. But that is only if you use a good VPN. Believe it or not, some VPNs can actually reduce the quality of your network. Quite a number of free VPN apps slow your internet down, giving you the impression that your Android WiFi is slow.

This is why we recommend VPN Vault by Appsverse. It has everything you want in a VPN, including speed. There are also other VPNs that offer great connectivity and features, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

How can VPNs stop slow internet on Android

Two of the problems of slow internet discussed above can be rectified by getting a good VPN. The easiest way to curb throttling on your Android device is to use a good VPN.

ISP throttling involves separating your internet traffic into individual parts and then limiting the speed of some of these parts. However, it is illegal for the Internet Service Provider to cap the speed of all these different parts. What a VPN does is prevent your Service Provider from observing and splitting your internet traffic.

A VPN conceals your data traffic, making it impossible for your service provider to throttle your internet speed. A VPN is an ideal means of curving ISP throttling due to its easy use. All you have to do is download the VPN, sign up for an account and begin to enjoy “throttle-free” internet.


Slow internet is usually a result of ISP throttling. There’s good news, though. You don’t need any technical skill to fix your slow Android WiFi; just a good VPN. VPN Vault by Appsverse is one VPN app found to offer stellar performance across all platforms, including Android and iOS. Other great VPNs are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish.