Why is NordVPN + Netflix so slow?

If you are using NordVPN + Netflix, and have been finding video streaming speeds to be has been so slow and almost unusable, you are surely not alone. In the last 6 months, many users of NordVPN + Netflix has been expressing issues with the service such as slowness, intermittent disconnection, and unexpected disruption to service.

Disruption, slowness, not working

Users have taken to Reddit to express their unhappiness with using NordVPN with Netflix in the last 6 months. You can see from the comments below that the issue has remained for more than a week for some users:

@monk12314:Also getting the same error. Can't even load the site - Disable VPN and it works. Tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge to see with and without VPN on multiple different US servers. Seems like Netflix blocking outright NordVPN.
@g8tr1522:  Me too. It's been happening to me for over a week now. Hopefully this isn't permanent.

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NordVPN + Netflix used to be really fast and snappy, so what has changed and why is NordVPN + Netflix so slow today?

We undercover 3 reasons why NordVPN + Netflix may no longer be a great choice, and also show you which VPN that works best with Netflix in 2019.

Reason 1: Netflix actively blocks NordVPN

The following may be shocking to you but it is completely true. Despite NordVPN and other VPN services claiming that they support Netflix, the claim cannot be supported by the guys at Netflix themselves. In fact, Netflix actually actively block NordVPN on a daily basis, and employs tools and personnel to block and prevent users from accessing videos via NordVPN.

If you are a Netflix user using NordVPN + Netflix, you may be running a risk of getting your account suspended or banned permanently.

If you experience sudden disruption to service or temporary ban in your account, it means that Netflix has detected use of NordVPN. NordVPN does not currently offer certain server technologies that are needed to avoid detection from Netflix.

Reason 2: NordVPN servers have overloaded traffic

The issue in Reason #1 means that NordVPN are consistently restarting servers and creating new servers in a response the servers that have been detected and blocked. In other words, NordVPN and Netflix are at a constant tug-of-war on a daily basis.

The result of this is a bad experience for all NordVPN users, who may mass migrate to another server when the one they are using starts slowing down or stop working completely.

NordVPN + Netflix users would also try every NordVPN server until they find one that works. The end result is a overloaded server due to migration every time a server stops working.

Reason 3: NordVPN might throttle your Netflix bandwidth

To avoid detection and also provide relief in server usage and speed, NordVPN has been known to throttle bandwidth and speed to some services such a torrents, and we would not be surprised if the same was done for Netflix users.

Learn what network throttling is, if you are a NordVPN + Netflix user.

Throttling is a great tactic from the standpoint of NordVPN's network health. Video streaming is a bandwidth intensive activity that is seen as undesirable traffic to NordVPN compared to plain and regular web browsing.

If they could just reduce bandwidth from each Netflix watcher by 20%, they could potentially save up to the same 20% server bandwidth and save almost 20% in server costs.

This is a big deal in terms of profitability as each dollar they save is a dollar that they make. Plus, you have already pre-paid for the service as a subscriber so they would rather direct server bandwidth to a fresh user who is here to try out the service.

Solution: Use a VPN that works well with Netflix

VPN Proxy by Appsverse is a Netflix-enabled VPN that uses the latest 2019 technologies to help Netflix work like a breeze. You simply select our Netflix enabled server which would work out-of-the-box without issues.

If you are a NordVPN + Netflix paying subscriber, you may be thinking what about my existing NordVPN subscription? NordVPN Netflix slow? You can always start using VPN Proxy with our free trial, and test using Netflix with our service before deciding what is the best VPN solution for Netflix videos.