Do you want to send a text message to someone without revealing your identity? If that is the case, you should take a look at sending untraceable text messages.

The quickest and easiest way to do that is by using an untraceable text messaging app. These apps can help to get the job done and to deliver the the messages you want in an undetectable and un-trackable way

Before we introduce you to Text Vault (which support untracked messages), it is worthy to learn more about untraceable text messaging apps are and how you can use them.

What exactly is an untraceable text messaging app?

An untraceable text messaging app is a mobile application that allows you to send text messages from another source, other than your real carrier number.

When you send any message using your own carrier number, the carrier can obviously see and trace it. Now, that is the exact case that we want to avoid.

The main function of an untraceable text messaging app is to send your message from another number- a number that you do not own! In that way, the message can never be traced back to you.

Each untraceable text messaging app may work in a different way behind the scenes, but one thing for sure is the person will never be able to see your real phone number.

We can also call this "masking" your true phone number and replace it with a fake one.

When do you need to send untraceable text messages?

There are numerous situations you will come across the need to send out untracked text messages. Let’s take a look at some of those situations.

1. When you need to tell someone something

Have you run into the case where you want to get a message across or tell someone something without revealing your identity?

There are numerous occasions like this. For example, you may be terribly disappointed in a person due to something that happened a long time ago.

Or, someone you are acquainted to did something that you absolutely disapprove with and you want to tell this person off.

Or, there may be a problem at your workplace and need to let your manager know about it?

These are all situations where you use an untraceable text messages app.

2. When you want to pull out a prank on someone

If you want to do a prank to someone you know, an untraceable chat app would be your best friend.

You could send this person a funny message or an angry one. Or even a naughty and flirty one and he will never find out who it is.

Therefore, you will be able to prank him with ease. We hope you can get creative or fun and have a good time with tricking someone. The person who receives your text messages will never find out your identity.

3. When you want to send an anonymous tip

When you are aware about a piece of news that is shocking or revealing, and  you want to share it to an organization or a person as a tip, you should definitely look at sending untraceable text messages. This is a great way to pass information without revealing your information.

Usually, having the possession of such knowledge can put someone at risk or in danger. If you watch movies, you will find plenty of examples where the antagonist is desperately trying to stop the main character from getting information out, and using a lot of force and violence in the process.

In the real world, it may not be as dramatic with guns and bullets, but the anonymous tip could cause legal action and lawsuit, that could potentially upheave your personal goals!

How to send untraceable text messages with Text Vault

Now you are educated on the importance of using an untraceable text messaging apps, we can tell you a cheap and inexpensive way that you can send free untraceable messages.

The untraceable texting app you need will be Text Vault.

Text Vault app comes along with a simple and easy to use interface. After downloading it from the App Store, you cam immediately text from the "Burner number" that is a anonymous number.

The "Burner number" also changes for each person you call and text, so even if a number becomes suspicious to someone, you are very soon already on a different number!

We highly recommend any person who wants to get an untraceable text messaging app to check out Text Vault and try sending a few messages and see it could have been the app you were waiting for all along.