If you are looking for a scanner app without watermark, you would be so frustrated with all the free offerings on the App Store. Most scan apps for iPhone will automatically include a nasty watermark that is not only ugly but looks completely unprofessional for work.

If your scanner app is adding a horrible watermark to your scanned document, you may need to think twice before sending it out to a client or customer. Just think of the negative impression they might have on you! They may think of you as a 'cheapo', a free loader, or a poor broke man who can't afford to get a proper scanning app.

Scanner App without Watermark- How Hard is it NOT to Add a Watermark?

Most scanner apps add watermarks for a reason- which is usually business reasons.

  1. The watermark helps them to market the app for free
  2. They can include some 'paid' upgrade to remove watermarks
  3. They want you to remember their brand and logo

The above reasons are for the eventual goal of making money from users. However, we do not think that adding a watermark is the right way to do it.

If you Add a Watermark, Users are Going to Remove the Watermark in PDF Document Anyway

Why do we say adding a watermark is not the right way to do it? Thats because users are going to go online, and search for "how to remove watermark in pdf document", and have it removed anyway.

There are many online tools available that are free PDF eraser without watermark.

Solution: Here's the Best Document Scanner App Without Watermark

Here's a little secret we are going to share with you. If you need best scanning app without watermark, you should look no further than some of the highly rated, yet free scanning apps here we have at Appsverse.

PDF Scanner Pro is our scanner app without watermark that you can use for free. At Appsverse, we just understand that watermarks are something users want do not want, and so we do not try go against that and to overlay your scanned images with our logo or our name or even a small picture.

We understand that watermarks are UGLY, UNPROFESSIONAL, and an EYESORE. Therefore, we have designed the app with this is mind, that we should never be adding unwanted watermarks to our scanned images.