A question that we get a lot in our email inbox is this: Is online banking safe on public Wifi? Isn't using Wifi already considered safe internet banking? The answer is a big no, and you need to know the reasons why.

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This is what you should NEVER to do: Never ever perform online banking through public Wifi. Public Wifi is never safe for something so important like online banking. You should never even attempt to perform online banking using a hotel Wifi. (See dangers of Hotel Wifi)

Unsecured public Wifi makes online banking completely unsafe and open to exposure

Why is Wifi not safe internet banking? The most basic reasons why public Wifis are unsafe is because they are usually unsecured. An unsecured Wifi network which makes your private information like passwords and bank balance completely visible to 3rd parties when you are performing online banking through it.

Public Wifi network like those in Starbucks or McDonalds are can never be completely trusted. Also it is often shared among many people, and anyone look into your data especially in smaller cafes there could be unsecured Wifi networks, as long as they know how to.

All you need is a packet sniffer software to openly expose your bank balance, credit card numbers, and passwords. With spy and monitoring software easily downloadable today, anyone can reveal your important information glaringly and steal it.

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Wifi networks can have packet sniffers to read your passwords and personal data

Where can I do online banking safely?

The trick to safe internet banking is to make a conscious effort to ONLY perform online backing over an Internet connection that you trust.

Where can I perform online banking safely? Is wifi safe for banking? This could mean performing online banking ONLY AT HOME, and using your home Wifi network as far as possible.

The next best alternative if you need to be on the go, would be to use wireless mobile or mobile data. Wireless mobile data does directly to your carrier or internet service provider which makes it harder for third parties or hackers to intercept this data.

Safer internet banking

There is a way to do perform safe internet banking or online banking safely no matter where you go. This method of safe internet banking online banking is break-proof and works all the time.

The safest way to do online banking is to use a VPN. VPN are privacy protection tools that scramble your information and hide any private data from third parties and prying eyes.

Before you log on to online banking, just connect to VPN. Once connected, your entire online banking session is completely safe.

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VPN is the ultimate protection tool against data theft from online banking

Even with something like a packet sniffer, a hacker or malicious third party can never find out your passwords and bank account numbers.

Which VPN to use for online banking?

Should I use a VPN for online banking? Now that we have established that using a VPN is completely necessary, then the question should be which VPN to use for online banking.

For complete safe and secure online internet banking, use a tool like VPN Proxy by Appsverse.

Use VPN Proxy for safe internet banking

VPN Proxy by Appsverse utilizes military-grade encryption and does not collect your personal data unlike what other VPN companies do. Our no-logs policy also means that your entire internet activity is complete private to you only. Even your ISPs and the government will have no way to track your browsing activity as long as you are connected to VPN using VPN Proxy by Appsverse.