We’ll teach you how to watch Knives Out on Netflix Canada without having to go to a different country just to watch this thrilling movie. There are a lot of good reviews on Knives Out and we should say, it is one of the best mystery movies we have watched in a long time. It’s comedic, but dark and is filled with twists and surprises. You’d definitely want to watch it on Netflix but as you search for it, you can’t find it in Netflix Canada!

How to Watch Knives Out on Netflix Canada: What is Knives Out?

Knives Out is a mystery film that was released in 2019 that’s written and directed by Rian Johnson, the same director who directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Though a lot of critics didn’t like what he did in Star Wars, he definitely did amazing on Knives Out. The story is about a master detective who’s investigating the murder of a wealthy father of a maladjusted family. The cast is amazing, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, and Jamie Lee Curtis, to name a few. The film has received amazing reviews from critics and filmgoers, particularly for its amazing screenplay, acting and direction.

How to Watch Knives Out on Netflix Canada: Benefits of VPN for Netflix

Dark Netflix and Chill from home

The only possible way to watch Knives Out on Netflix Canada is through the use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network. It lets you connect to one of their servers and be able to access any Netflix library across the globe. Other usual benefits of having VPN is increased security from internet threats, and sometimes, even faster connection. Safe browsing is one of the best features of having a VPN so if you’re still hesitating on getting a VPN, keep in mind that added security is a definite reason for you to get one.

How to Watch Knives Out on Netflix Canada: Top VPN Alternatives


CyberGhost lets you use the same service on up to 7 simultaneous connections. It offers extreme speeds and no-logs policy, meaning they do not track down the websites that you have visited. They also offer a whopping 45-day money back guarantee so if you are not happy with their services, you can always backout.


NordVPN has the option that lets you change your IP address at your will. It also allows secure access on all your connections so that additional security will be good if you browse websites that might have some malicious scripts or malwares. Like CyberGhost, they offer a money-back-guarantee but just for 30 days instead of CyberGhost’s 45.


AtlasVPN offers one of the cheapest VPN services around. It offers safe browsing and email scan, which is something not all other VPN services provide so that’s a good bonus for its cheap price. It’s subscription is also good enough to cover all of your devices so you don’t have to worry about subscribing multiple times on different devices just to get their service.

How to Watch Knives Out on Netflix Canada: Which VPN app do I choose?

Our VPN option is not of the things above that we have listed, but rather an amazing app that tops everything when it comes to convenience, speed, and of course, security.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault by Appsverse is an extremely fast VPN and also ultimately secure. Their security is based on AES-256 military-grade encryption. This means that your browsing is ultimately secure and will make sure no malicious popups nor malware will hit your browsing when it’s not Netflix that you are checking out, since there are more things that you can browse aside from Netflix and other streaming sites that might be locked in your area. It has access to over 75+ countries that beats the likes of NordVPN and Surfshark. Last but not the least. Its speeds are astounding. Never did we ever experience any buffer during a 4K stream so it’s definitely noteworthy.

So if you’re looking out for a best VPN app to watch Knives Out on Netflix Canada, then definitely go for VPN Vault by Appsverse. Available on iOS and Android.