Learning how to maintain a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend already seems like an impossible task, let alone knowing how to thrive in one. Read on to find out some of the best ways you might not have thought of to keep your relationship alive and help the both of you thrive in a long-distance relationship.

With all the web and phone applications made available to us today, thriving in a long-distance relationship seems much more possible now.

#1: Arrange Date Nights, and Stick to Them

Just because the both of you live far away from each other, it does not mean that ‘Date Nights’ have to cease. Setting aside time to date, perhaps weekly or fortnightly over Skype or FaceTime, could help both of you organise and prioritise time to catch up with each other. Get creative with Date Nights: both parties can even cook yourselves a fancy meal and stream the same shows on Netflix while catching up via a video-call.

These dates can act as time that both of you can look forward to, and when committed to, it can signal to each other the commitment and effort you both put in to help both of you thrive in a long-distance relationship.

#2: Talk on the phone

Even though modern technology has allowed for easier communication via text and email, nothing compares to the intimacy both parties can communicate when talking on the phone.

This may not seem like an option for some, especially when one of you lives overseas. Overseas rates for phone calls are sky-high, but not when you can afford to have a second phone number that can let you have a local number!

Use the  Phoner app ( or click here for the Android version) app to get a second phone number in the same location as the one your partner lives in. Buy a premium number on the app so that he/she can contact you too. Purchasing Credits to call and text with your special someone is a cheaper alternative than paying to call and text from overseas with your mobile phone carrier.

Talking on the phone seems to have become a practice long-lost in time. But, do consider reviving the act of dropping a call when you can to help your long-distance relationship thrive!

#3: Find other means to feel connected

Though physical intimacy may be out the window when it comes to surviving, let alone thriving in a long-distance relationship, it does not mean all intimacy is lost. You and your partner could some up with some creative ways to stay connected despite the distance.

Here are some creative ways to help you thrive in a long-distance relationship:

1. Sending love letters to one another.

2. Ask each other questions to continually get to know each other as though you are still dating.

3. (Our FAVORITE!) Recording your phone calls togethers with Recall. Different time zones on top of busy days make it extremely hard for some couples to stay in contact today. To cope with this, you could record the phone calls you had with each other to listen at another time when you miss them and are aren’t available to you.

#4: Prioritise Open communication

Though it may be tough, open communication has always and will forever be the most important aspect for any relationship to thrive, whether it is long-distance or not. Some partners may not wish to be as open when they are going through a long-distance relationship, for fear that any issues that may arise will blow out of proportion and may not be resolvable.

Drake's hit songs share the sentiment of the neglected feelings one feels during an LDR.

The truth is, even when speaking over the phone or seeing them through Skype, communicating all of your feelings as you would when your partner is right by you is important. It is the only way to continue building intimacy and trust, and contrary to popular belief, can help work through problems instead of keeping them bottled up and actually giving a chance for the issue to blow out of proportion. Do yourself a favour and give your long-distance relationship a chance to thrive.

You vs The Long-Distance

Thriving in a long-distance relationship has always been difficult, and with the added negativity surrounding long-distance relationships in pop culture, it can sometimes get extremely frustrating and upsetting to learn how to survive and thrive in a long-distance relationship. But, you should not give up hope. If your partner means a lot to you and is worth the time and distance, go for it and take the opportunity to bring the relationship to greater heights.