Business phone numbers do not typically come for free, as with any type of phone number you purchase from your local carrier. In fact, business phone numbers could cost even a fraction more than regular mobile numbers and home landlines.

Why is this so? Are business phone numbers superior? Or, do business phone numbers offer any clear benefits to small businesses and freelancers?

Understanding business phone numbers

We looked into several plans from major providers, to see how ‘business’ mobile plans differ from ‘personal’ plans.

Well, turns out, both are exactly the same, with the only difference in the name of the number plans.

Some shocking other detail we found during our investigation  - For some carriers or telcos, there is a the fine print saying that regular mobile plans can only be used for "personal use", and "business use" is "not permitted".

Does this seem fair, or does that mean you are forced to get a business phone number?

Business phone numbers for sale - how much do they cost?

Let's say you recognize how important business phone numbers are, and you are kind of willing to invest some money to get one. How much would business phone numbers cost you?

We investigated and tried over 30 different business phone number providers and come with with an estimated cost of how much a business phone number can cost you.

Business phone number from AT&T:



Comes with:

  • Unlimited talk in 210+ countries
  • Unlimited text in 210+ countries
  • Unlimited LTE data
  • Free in-flight texting and data
AT&T business phone numbers not free and very expensive

Business phone number from T-Mobile:


$120/month (for 2 lines)

Comes with:

  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited LTE data
T-Mobile business phone numbers come at $120/month, min. 2 lines needed

Business phone number from Verizon



Comes with:

  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited LTE data (capped at 5 mbps speeds)
Verizon offers the most economical business phone plans at $35 per line

Is there such thing as a free business phone number?

Yes, with Phoner app, you can get free business phone numbers. We will share more about that in just a bit below.

Should you separate your phone number from your business phone?

Because of how costly it is to own a business phone number, small business owners and freelancers try to shunt it.

However, using your personal number as a business phone number is a really dangerous thing.

Even though that essentially means you get a business phone number for free (because you do not have to purchase and maintain another number), it also means that the lines between work and your personal life are now more blurry.

Should you separate your business phone from personal phone?

Problems of not having a business phone number

Customers could call you at any time even when you are off from work. Being responsible you want to pick it up. If you do not, it reflects very badly on you.

If you do not plan to answer, why did you list a business phone number in the first place? This is something your customer will be wondering while you make them wait for minutes patiently waiting for you to pick up.

Teaser- How to get phone number for your business for free

Getting a business phone number is expensive, and getting one for free seems totally impossible. It remains as something entrepreneurs or freelances can only dream of.

Does that mean that small business owners or a freelancers are stuck with using your personal phone number for calling and texting with customers and clients?

Thankfully, we have a good solution for you.

(Solution!) How to get a free phone number for your business

If you need a free business phone number, you can download Phoner Second Phone Number app. Phoner app offers phone numbers in over 30+ countries and in any local area codes and states.

Phoner numbers do not have any business usage limitations, which means that you can use it freely as a business number or personal number without worrying about breaking the rules.

If you need the business phone number for free, you can always pick the number under a free trial to start using it without any charges, and try out the service to see if you like it.

If you want to keep the business number, it is also very cost effective. Compared to the ridiculous amounts you have to pay for business phone numbers, Phoner business numbers are just $9.99 per month.