When creating a Gmail account, you may be asked for a phone number to have your account verified. This verification step can help recover you account if you find yourself locked out in future, but what if you don’t want to use your personal phone number? Have you wondered about how to create Gmail account without phone number?  

Let’s start by looking at why you would want to create Gmail without phone number.

Why you would want to create gmail without phone number

Reason 1: To keep prevent your personal information from being revealed online

Many of us use a lot of Google services for everyday stuff nowadays. Whether you’re working on a group presentation on Google Slides or launching a paid advertising campaign on Google Ads, everything you do on Google’s many services are interconnected. Any personal information used with one Google Service can overlap with another, and that could leave your online privacy at risk.

Google is obviously aware of such risks and has taken some steps to prevent them altogether, but their efforts still didn’t stopa 2018 data breach in which nearly 5 million Google passwords were leaked.

As users of an online service, we should do our part to protect personal data from landing in the wrong hands.

Reason 2: Using your real number could expose you to more robocalls and spam calls.

Exposing your real number on your gmail account could leave you more vulnerable to spam and robocalls

We already covered why you might be getting so many telemarketing and spam calls in an earlier article, and just like our first point in that article, using your real number to create a Gmail account could expose you to a lot of unsolicited spam and robocalls.

When you leave personal data online, companies and individuals with the right scraping tools can easily collect any data that’s left in the open.

Reason 3: Using your real number could expose you to identity theft

Revealing your real phone number on gmail could leave you a victim of online identity theft

Just as everything you do in the Google ecosystem, everything is also interconnected on the internet.

When you use your real phone number to create a gmail account, other people can use your phone number to sieve out other websites that may contain other personally sensitive data to reconstruct an online personality that steals your identity. This could not only place you at risk of identity theft, but also threaten those around you.

There are many more reasons why anyone would want too know how to create Gmail account without phone number. Ultimately, it’s all about protecting your online privacy and safety. What are some solutions for how to create Gmail without phone number then?

3 Ways how to create Gmail without phone number

Solution 1: Use a free text-messaging app or service  

We already mentioned text-messaging apps like TextPlus and TextNow in an earlier piece on using fake numbers for WhatsApp verification, and in addition to those you can also use free online messaging services like SMS Receive Free if installing an app just isn’t worth your time.

To use this solution with an online messaging service like SMS Receive Free, simply:

(1)    Copy and paste any available number of your choice into the Gmail verification page when prompted.

(2)    Go back to the SMS Receive page and click on the number you pasted.

(3)    You should be able to see your message history there. Simply copy the 6-digit code sent to you and enter it on the verification page.

One huge drawback for this method is since the numbers are one-use only, you won’t be able to use the number you pasted to recover your account in future. In the event that you cannot recover your Gmail account because you don’t have any account recovery options available, you will have to contact Google Support – but doing so might expose the face that you did not use your real phone number in the first place.

Solution 2: Sign up for a Gmail account using the Gmail App instead.

When you create a Gmail account via the Gmail App, you may be able to do so without a phone number. This works regardless of which platform you’re on. When signing up for a Gmail account using the Gmail app, you have the option to prompt Gmail not to add your phone number when you first register.

This isn’t foolproof however – if you’re logging in to your account for the first time on a new device, Gmail may ask you for your phone number for account verification. If you lose access to the account and want to recover it, you may also need to reveal your phone number.

Solution 3: Sign up for Gmail account by setting your age to 15 or below

Another way to create gmail without phone number is to tweak your account’s age to 15 years old or younger. By doing so, Google assumes that you don’t have a mobile phone number to verify your account with and lets you skip the phone number verification step altogether.

This solution however could land you in trouble if Google discovers your exploit. If you do not sign out of your other accounts first, you also will not have the option of toggling your age. You’ll also need to do so in private/incognito mode for this solution to work.

Solution 4: Get a fake phone number

Ultimately, having a phone number linked to your gmail account is more beneficial than not having one at all. Not only is it important for account recovery, having a phone number associated with your Gmail account can also be good if you’re using it for business communications.

Instead of using your real phone number or taking advantage of exploits, consider getting fake phone numbers instead. By using fake phone numbers, you can create Gmail account without exposing your real phone number, and you’ll still be able to recover your account in the event that you get locked out of it.

More importantly, by using as many fake numbers as you want, you are also able to create as many Gmail accounts as you want without exposing your real phone number for any of them!

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