Girl's phone numbers are the hardest to score.

Whether you man up and ask a girl for her number, or try your luck looking for girl's numbers online on a dating girls number site, one thing's true for any guy - the winning feeling when you finally get her number is awesome.  

Have a girl's phone number and a second date? WIN. 

But like so many others before you, you let excitement get to your head. It's a girl's phone number, not your girlfriend's number.

If anything, having girl's phone numbers is the easy part. Keeping them and turning them into girlfriend numbers? That's tough.  

Tired of messing up your chances? Try these easy hacks and stay attractive every time you have a girl's phone number.

Why having girl's phone numbers is a big deal

Girl's phone numbers are powerful stuff. It's a compliment, and it's not an exaggeration.

We all admired those cool kids at one point or another. Classmates who had everything we wanted, all the attention we could give.

And they had more than their fair chance with the opposite sex.

Having girls give you their phone numbers also feels like social validation. You used to look up to cool kids, and now you're a big step closer to becoming them.

Having girl's phone numbers makes you feel more confident

Having girl's phone numbers making you feel all dapper like these folks.

Having girl's phone numbers can also be a powerful ego boost. It's reaffirming because it tells us we've got something really good going on. And often, that something appears effortless, even invisible to the have-nots.

It may also mean that a girl is seriously invested in you

A girl wouldn't give you her phone number if she wasn't interested in you at all

You can have cool talk and interesting banter with any girl you're into. But not every girl will want to give you her phone number. Those girls just aren't into you.

But the girls who do give you their numbers? That's a good sign that she wants to talk to you more...

...unless you blow it and ask girls for their numbers for friendship.

Seriously though, getting girl's phone numbers tells you you're doing something right here.

What to do after you have a girl's phone number

So you have a girl's phone number now. What should you do (and not do)?

Tip 1: Follow up on the girl

You asked a girl for her number and she gave it to you. And then you leave her hanging without a response.

Whether you're looking girl's numbers up online on dating sites, getting girl's WhatsApp numbers or asking a girl directly for her phone number, you need to always follow up.

Maybe you're scared she won't reply you. Or that she flakes out early. Or that your responses are boring and your conversation quickly goes dry.

The thing is, these girls took you seriously enough to give you their phone numbers. They liked what they saw, and they liked how they felt.

So follow up on those same vibes. Don't let your insecurities creep in. Send her your first text now.

Tip 2: If you're shy, use an anonymous phone number

After you have a girl's phone number, you can follow up anywhere she's on.

Plain old SMS is boring. Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram have cute stickers to express every emotion.

If you still can't shake off the jitters yet, try an anonymous phone number on Phoner anonymous phone number app.

Phoner's anonymous phone numbers can help you with the jitters

When you use an anonymous phone number on Phoner, your number appears differently each time you call and text someone else. If you're nervous or not quite sure about the girl, our anonymous phone numbers can help buy you some time.

At the end of the day, a girl gave you her number. Treat her right, and give her your actual phone number too. It's all about the mutual respect.

Tip 3: Don't play it cool over your first text

You know how it is. The less available you seem, the cooler you appear.

Faking disinterest is one reason why modern dating is so messed up these days. It makes sense because finding a match is as easy as swiping right, but it's just bull and hurts you and the girl.

Remember the impression you left when the girl gave you her number. Convey that same impression in your first text.

Being someone you're not in your first text isn't playing it cool, it's just plain stupid.

Tip 4: You're looking for a date, not a friend

Plant that kiss. Make a move when you're alone with her. You have a girl's phone number because you want a romantic relationship with her, not a friendship.

Expressing your romantic interest with physical action is easy. What about in your first text?

Use your words that make her feel special. You don't want to sound like a casual chum just talking about the boring, usual routine like any other person would.

There's so much you can try for your first text to a girl. Elite Daily's quick list has tips you can immediately use to charm your girl (or guy) here.

How to not appear creepy when texting girls

If you've followed through with everything we've talked about so far, all you need to not screw up your first text is simply:

  1. make the girl feel comfortable and special
  2. make your romantic interest clear from the start.

If your first text makes it seem like you're looking for friendship instead of a love interest, she's going to get confused.

If you are insensitive to what she likes and values, she'll get weirded out and quickly lose interest

If you jump straight to the lewd and sexual, it could go either way.

And if you're using an anonymous phone number on Phoner to talk to them, you should be honest with them eventually.

Just don't be like this guy.

(image credit) You got a girl's phone number just to send her this? Go figure.

Or this guy.

(image credit) If your idea of a first text to a girl is a funeral joke, you need to reflect on yourself.

So there. Girl's phone numbers are a tough score, so don't lose them the second you get them. Keep those tips in mind and turn that girl's phone number into a girlfriend number in no time.