Even the best prepaid burner phone can’t hold a candle to Phoner.

We pitted the best burner phone of 2019 against our own Phoner earlier, and nothing’s going to change this year either.

Phoner packs features you won’t find even on the best prepaid burner phone.

Not convinced? Here’s why Phoner is way ahead of even the best prepaid burner phone in the market.

5 features that set Phoner aside from even the best prepaid burner phone

Feature 1: Phoner lets you use unlimited numbers, all at the same time

Unlike the best prepaid burner phone, Phoner lets you use unlimited numbers

Regardless of how tricked out a burner phone is, the most phone numbers one can do simultaneously is at most 2.

2 SIM cards at most. That’s it. Any more numbers and you’ll have to switch SIM cards in and out.

With a simple burner phone app like Phoner, you can use as many numbers as you want at the same time.

All you have to do is tap Buy, put in some credits, and use a number for as long as you like.

And whether you’re using just 1 number or a 100 numbers, you’ll only ever need just one SIM card with Phoner.

Feature 2: Phoner is way cheaper than the best prepaid burner phone

On a tight budget? Phoner is not only affordable but more cost-effective.

With a physical burner phone, you’ll have to set yourself back at least $30 to $40 before you even make a single call or text.

The cheapest burner phone might be a cool $19.99, but don’t forget that you’ll still need a SIM card or prepaid mobile plan to go with it.

On Phoner, you’ll only need to pay call and text credits whenever you want to make anonymous calls and texts. Pay only when you want to with Phoner and forget about having to splurge on a second cell phone.

Also, Phoner is free to download. A burner phone? $19.99 or bust.

Feature 3: Phoner lets you customise numbers

Become Mr. Worldwide with Phoner's highly customisable burner numbers

The thing about even the best prepaid burner phones is that you’re pretty much stuck with the number that comes with the SIM card.

Changing it would require a new SIM card, and it’s inconvenient, if not pointless expensive, to get one that’s outside of your immediate region.

With Phoner, you can customise your phone numbers according to state and even area code. Get multiple local phone numbers for casual dating, business and more.

Feature 4: Phoner is more sustainable in every sense of the word

Save more, waste less when you make calls and texts with Phoner instead.

Getting a prepaid burner phone doesn’t really make much sense nowadays.

Just think about it – why pay $20 or more for a device you’re supposed to throw away after just a few uses?

Even if you plan on simply changing SIM cards as you go, that’s still going to rack up in costs.

On Phoner, all you’ll ever need are call credits. Pay only when you want to make a call, and extend your call credits indefinitely every time you extend your phone number.

Less e-waste, less wasted minutes, more bang for your buck.

Feature 5: Phoner is a safer bet for your privacy

Reduce risk to your mobile privacy when you use Phoner

The biggest issue with physical prepaid burner phones is that how you buy it matters just as much as how you use it.

If you buy a prepaid burner phone on a contract or via a payment method other than upfront cash, it’s not really a burner phone anymore.

With a burner number app like Phoner, you won’t need to worry about this at all. Simply tap download and start making private calls and texts quick and easy.

Move over prepaid burner phones, Phoner is here

Cheaper, better, smarter. With Phoner, you’ll get more privacy protection for less than you’ll ever spend on a prepaid burner phone.

Get more privacy protection for less with Phoner. 

So that’s why even the best prepaid burner phone isn’t a match for Phoner. Get yourself the best mobile privacy protection with Phoner today!