Life is tough enough to begin with, why get an additional alternate cell phone number and add to the list of things in your life? Having an alternate phone number other than your personal is a great idea that could prove to be useful in many situations. Let's look at 4 reasons why it might good for you to have an alternate phone number.

What is an alternate phone number?

Before we get into why an alternate phone number might be useful for you, let us learn what is an alternate phone number is. Essentially, an alternate phone number is a second phone number which you can obtain by purchasing another line from your local Telco or use one of the apps and services available on the market.

1. Keeping work and personal life separate

If you are a police officer, lawyer, sales person or any other profession, keeping work and personal life separate can sometimes be a hard. However, getting an alternate phone number dedicated for work will do the trick and save you from people calling you necessarily after working hours.

2: Staying safe talking to strangers online

Craigslist, Etsy or even online dating platforms are places where you might have to give your number to a complete stranger. Generally it is pretty safe to be talking on these online platforms, but when it comes down to exchanging personal contacts for a meet up, it might not be a good idea. What if you meet some unfavorable characters in the process, protect yourself with an alternate phone number.

3. Protecting your privacy

While you are online shopping, many of these sites require you to create a personal account before you can proceed with buying. It can get pretty annoying when you start to receive marketing texts and promotional materials that clutters up your phone. You want to unsubscribe to them, but you are afraid you might miss a great deal. Simple, redirect these marketing materials by getting an alternate phone number for such purposes.

4. Security

Information is king when we live in a world that is connected to the internet in almost every possible way, and our personal information is under constant treat from scammers, pranksters and hackers. Avoid any mishaps by getting an anonymous alternate phone number when you are online, lowering the risk of getting your personal phone number being leaked and used by wrong people for the wrong reasons.

How to get an alternate phone number

If you seek convenience just like myself, who dreads the idea of running down to the store just to get another line. There are apps and services which can help you create an alternate phone number with just a few taps on your screen from your existing device.

Which is the best alternate phone number app?

Since there are so many apps in the market, which is the best alternate phone number app to choose from? If you are looking for an app which protects your privacy and security by giving you an alternate phone number contract-free, you have to check out Phoner, the alternate phone number app you need!

Phoner allows you to create unlimited phone numbers with 1 device, you will be able to make phone calls and text internationally in over 35 countries. And, the best part it is FREE to start using!

How to create an alternate phone number with Phoner

Step 1: Download Phoner App

Head to the App Store or Google Play store and download Phoner app.

Step 2: Sign up for an account

Select ‘Sign Up’ on the main page, then input a username and password.

Step 3: Choose your phone number

You will be given a random phone number. You can create as many phone numbers as you like from a list of numbers from over 35 countries and in their unique area codes.

Two phone numbers is better than one

From online dating to avoiding unwanted messages, the list can go on for why you should have an alternate phone number. If you are ever feeling unsure about giving out your real number, don't! Download Phoner and give your alternate phone number.

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