With 86% of us using mobile phones to make calls at least several times a week, most phone calls go through mobile now, and you will need mobile phone call recorder to help you record calls.

What is a mobile phone call recorder?

Mobile phone call recorders are not devices that you attach to your phone. Instead, they come in a form of a mobile app that would work using recording phone lines together with your call to get it recorded and saved.

Are call recorder apps free to use?

There are various mobile phone call recorders on the Apple App Store ranging from free to paid versions. We would advise against using completely free mobile phone call recorders due to privacy issues with some of these free mobile phone call recorders. We generally recommend that you use a trustworthy or top rated mobile phone call recorder.

iRec Call Recorder by Appsverse for example, is rated 4.5 stars on the App Store with 5000 ratings. You can even start a 3-day free trial for its premium features and cancel any time, or simply just use it without the premium features.

How do call recorder apps work?

Most call recorders apps employ the same phone call recording method which we will try to explain here. Since your mobile phone and phone line does not provide any phone call recording features out of the box, mobile phone call recorders apps rely on a external recording phone lines that has to be connected to your phone call, most likely in the form of a 3-way call conference. The recording phone line sits in the background as a third caller, and this is complete undetectable by your contact or the other party since the recording phone line is completely silent and does not make any sound or noise to indicate that it is recording at all.

Are mobile phone call recorders reliable?

For a mobile phone call recorders app like iRec for iOS, recording quality is some of the best you can get. iRec creates a 1-to-1 replication or recording of your phone call with crystal clear sound and no additional distortion or cracks in the recording file.

As soon as you are done recording, the recorded call appears almost immediately in iRec, allowing you to playback for studying the call content or to catch details that you may have previously missed.

Who uses call recorders apps?

Here at the iRec team, we have been incredibly fortunate to have had users write in to us to share their experience with the app and also share the ways that they use iRec for work, family and legal purposes. We have seen our mobile phone call recorder is used in a multitude of different ways from 1. lawyers and judges, 2. doctors, 3. insurance agents 4. car sales man 5. army marine, 6. university professors, 7. private investigators.

Where to Download iRec?

iRec Call Recorder App is top rated on the iOS App Store, with 1 million+ downloads, 4.0 stars and 1,200++ ratings.

You can download iRec Call Recorder App via the Apple App Store.