Adding a VPN extension in your  Chrome browser (or any browser you are using) has many benefits. One of the biggest reasons is to get military-grade protection for your identity as you browse the web.

What Are VPN Extensions for Chrome: An Explanation

A Chrome-compatible VPN extension is a quick way to protect your identity when you’re browsing the internet. It works by masking your IP address and encrypt the data you upload and download, thereby protecting your identity and your browsing habits. It is easy to use with just a press of a button and you’ll have data protection. Some of the best Chrome extensions can offer military-grade encryption for top-notch protection.

What is Military-Grade Encryption?

When VPNs or any data protection service use "military-grade", it refers to the industry-standard AES-256 encryption. It complies with the Federal Information Processing Standards' (FIPS) requirements for sensitive data handling.

Benefits of VPN for Chrome

Aside from protecting your internet identity and securing your anonymity as described above, having a VPN extension for Chrome means that you take out the extra step of having to install an app just so you could access its features. You only need to click on the extension already installed inside Chrome and it’s already running!

Top Chrome Extension VPN Alternatives

There are a lot of VPN alternatives that you can use on Chrome. A lot of these options provide that military-grade encryption that ensure your data has the highest level of protection.


Windscribe is a free VPN extension that has a dedicated Chrome extension so you only have to download the extension on the Chrome app store to use. It supports around 400+ servers in 60+ countries so it’s certain that you’ll be able to access a country that you wish to connect to.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access or commonly called as PIA is a paid VPN service that offers a lot of features on its Chrome extension. It’s one of  the best VPNs out there due to its easy-to-use UI. It also has a third-party cookie blocker, WebRTC leak protection, credit card auto-filling and other features. It also blocks your location from websites, same with camera and mic access. It’s perfect for those who are prioritizing security and anonymity.

Which VPN app do I choose?

We have tried not just one, not two, not three apps mind you, we tried a lot. Paid ones, free ones and none of them ever beats the power of this very amazing app called VPN Vault by Appsverse.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault by Appsverse is an app wherein you can browse the net anonymously by changing or masking your IP address.   Aside from that, it has that coveted AES-256 military-grade encryption that makes sure you have the highest data encryption. It has access to over 75+ countries that beats the likes of SurfShark or NordVPN. And the upload and download speeds are amazing. You’ll get no buffers when you try to stream a 4K video, as long as your internet connection is ready for it as well.

Try VPN Vault by Appsverse right away and you’ll notice the huge difference this VPN offers compared to other VPNs that you even have to pay for just to get similar features. It’s available on iOS and Android.