With technology growing at a rapid pace, concern for personal privacy has skyrocketed. In this digital age, anyone can spy on us through our smartphones. Gone are the days when hacking was limited to cracking your social media passwords.

Today, it is possible to send an anonymous text message to a person without revealing your identity.

In other words, you could send an anonymous text online. Just like how websites can be browsed in incognito mode, you can send a text without showing your number.

3 Reasons Why You Want to Send an Anonymous Text Message

There can be many reasons why you may want to send an anonymous text.

Reason 1: You want to Spy on Someone

Do you think your spouse is cheating on you? You can get a little creative with an anonymous text message to find out what they are up to.

Reason 2: You want to Mess with Your Friends

Mostly, it is the friends that send anonymous texts. It is worth seeing how your friend reacts to the text from a stranger.

Reason3: You want to have a Fun Conversation

Maybe, you want to interact with a stranger without having to reveal your actual phone number. It is best to initiate a conversation with a random number.

3 Ways you can Send Anonymous Text Message

Method 1: Use your Email Account

Create a new email account and find the phone number of the person you are planning to send an anonymous text to.

Find out the carrier details. Every number has a phone carrier that could be Verizon Wireless, Metro PCS, Sprint, and more. These carriers are used to send a message to the phone of this person through your email.

If you don’t have the carrier details of the person, check it on carrierlookup.com.

The last step is to find the email template for the person’s carrier and compose the mail. You need to combine the carrier details of this user with their phone number.

Method 2: Use an Anonymous Text App

If you are looking for an easy way to send an anonymous text to the person, then download the anonymous text app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. There are many apps that allow you to send a text with a private number.

Some apps are available for free, while others charge a few bucks to allow you to use the anonymous texting services.

Phoner for iOS for example, gives you an anonymous number for free and you can even purchase more numbers later if you need it. (See Android app here)

Once you have downloaded the app, enter the contact number of the person, type your message, and hit send. There you go! The user will receive an anonymous text from you.

Method 3: Use a Website

There are quite a few websites that allow users to send an anonymous text message in simple clicks. You could find a reliable website on the internet. Type the text, enter the phone number of the person, and type your fake number.

Conclusion: How to Send An Anonymous Text?

We found that out of the 3 methods, Phoner is the easiest way to send anonymous texts from your phone. You even get an anonymous number to start for free, with the option to buy more anonymous numbers later!

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