These days, few would think the solution for how to record phone calls on landline is to hook up a landline phone to a laptop or call recorder device with a telephone recording adaptor kit.. Without a  landline phone with a built-in recorder, you will need another solution to record incoming calls or outgoing calls that are important.

Recording calls on landlines wouldn’t be such a headache if all landline handsets came with speaker mode. They don’t, unfortunately, so using a smartphone call recorder to record phone calls on landline won’t work.

Whether your need to record conference calls on your office landline phone or record phone calls on your home landline, all you really need is a nifty call recording app like ReCall Recorder.

How to record phone calls on landline the traditional way

In “the old days”, there were usually just 2 ways to record phone calls on landline:

Method 1: Use a phone recording adaptor together with another recording device.

These devices don’t cost a lot by themselves, but they need to be paired up with another device that does the call recording.

Call recording adapters can also be complicated to set up. Since phone lines today are both digital and analog, you need to make sure you get the appropriate call recording adapter as these are not cross-compatible. Call recording adapters may also only be compatible with certain landline models from certain brands.

And because different countries have different telecommunications standards, a call recording adaptor bought in one country might not be usable in another.

Method 2: Use online call recording services to record incoming calls on a landline telephone.

Sometimes you might get a message telling you that the call you’re making to a customer service agent will be recorded for customer service feedback purposes. You can also use similar call recording software to do call recording on your home or office landlines.

A piece of call recording software is only effective for some time however. If an operating system like MacOS or Android receives a major update and the call recording software is not tweaked to address them, it’s likely your virtual call recorder will stop functioning.

If you’re a small business owner, this can have really serious consequences. Worrying about being able to record conference calls will be the smallest of your concerns.

Of course, you can record outgoing and incoming calls with Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) providers like Google Voice. These aren’t exactly landline phones so we won’t be covering them in-depth here. If you’re using Google Voice for personal or business use and want to find out how to record incoming calls and outgoing calls, this guide has you covered.

As you might have already realised, the problem with traditional ways of recording phone calls is that they require complex hardware installation or place you at risk of a software fault.

Both of these traditional ways are also very time-consuming to set up. For example Getting the right adapter and using it in the right configuration takes a bit of wrangling around with the manual.

The old ways of recording phone calls on landlines also places limits on how many calls you get to record, and how long you get to store them for. CallForwarding’s basic package, for example, only allows you to store call recordings for up to 15 days.

ReCall is the best soluton for how to record phone calls on landline

ReCall call recording app solves how to record phone calls on landline
ReCall makes call recording on landline phones easier and faster than traditional methods

The best solution for how to record phone calls on landline is to use a specially designed call recording app like ReCall. Unlike complicated and expensive call recording hardware and online call recording services, ReCall lets you record calls anytime, anywhere for free - right in the convenience of your own mobile phone.

Hang on a second – record incoming and outgoing calls on mobile phone?

Trust me, we’re still talking about how to record phone calls on landline.

How call recording apps like ReCall work is this:

  • Start a call from ReCall. The app will use your actual cell phone number to do this.
  • ReCall connects you a 3 – way conference. While you are having a conversation with the call recipient, ReCall connects you to our call recording line as well.

To use your cell phone as a landline phone with a built-in recorder, you just need to set up call forwarding from your intended landline to your cell phone.

If you’re living in the USA, simply follow these steps to connect your landline to your cell phone number:

  1. Dial star-seven-two (*72) on your landline. Wait for the dial tone.
  2. Key in your cell phone number. Make sure all digits are correct
  3. After confirming your input, press the pound button. Wait for a response to indicate that call forwarding has been successfully set up.

If the process did not work, try repeating the steps above.

Follow these next steps to record phone calls on landline with ReCall:

4. Tap on the contact you wish to call. ReCall integrates your phone book right into      the app, so simply scroll through your list of contacts and pick who you wish to        call.

5. You will be prompted with an advisory message. Depending on your state                   regulations, you may need to inform your call recipient that you are recording         the call.

6.  Once all parties agree to the call recording, your call will be connected to our             recording line. This can record both incoming and outgoing calls.

And that’s it. With our ReCall call recording app, you don’t need any complicated hardware or software. Just download ReCall for free from the Apple Store and start recording unlimited phone calls on your landline.

ReCall is the best solution and top rated call recorder app for how to record phone calls on landline. Get ReCall and record phone calls on your landline phone for free today!