Have you ever found yourself wishing you could make your phone number appear as a completely different one? Well, here’s an app that lets you make your phone number look different when calling and texting. Not only that – you make it look like as many different phone numbers as you want!

Why would you want to make your phone number appear different?

There are multiple reasons why you want to change your phone number or make it look different. For instance, you might be a small business owner who speaks to different customers globally, or you often buy and sell things online via Craigslist.

For most people, the main concern is internet privacy. People may want to ensure that your identity is secret or secure. Therefore, it is useful to get an app to change phone number when calling someone or engaging in online activities, so that you can change your number whenever you need a different one.

What happens if I do not change my phone number

In this digital era, providing your real phone number has become a compulsory step when registering for new accounts on apps such as Tinder and Uber. As such, it is easy for third parties to gain access to your real phone number along with other personal details to use them for illegal activities, such as harassment, identity theft, and privacy loss.

Thus, it is important to conceal your personal identity online to avoid it being jeopardized and misused on the internet. That means having an app that changes your phone number, so that you can easily make calls without giving out your real number or use a disposable phone number for one-time transactions.

When should I make my number look or appear different?

Here are some examples where you would want to make your number look or appear different:

1.     When managing a small business

Owning a small business means you are often calling or texting customers to negotiate deals, and you would need a different number so that you do not have to use your personal one.

It is therefore paramount that you make calls some something like business phone number that is different from your real one. This way, you get to keep your personal number safe and avoid customers from harassing you!

2.     When talking to someone on a dating app

Dating apps are all the rage today given the fun of meeting new people and the possibility of finding ‘the right one’ through the service. When chatting with strangers however, some of them might ask you for your real number to 'take it offline'.

Having your number look different when you text and call would be so useful here. If you ca have a  fake phone number for talking to these internet strangers, you can set your mind at ease by avoiding harassment and keeping your personal number safe.

3.     When transacting over Craigslist

Craigslist is the top classified advertisements platform for users to discuss common topics and also post ads to buy and sell things online. Just like the services mentioned above, it also forces you to provide your phone number in order to verify the account and for interested users to contact you.

Your best approach to securing your personal identity is therefore to stay have your number look different when you call or text, so other buyers or sellers will not be able to reach you unnecessarily, while still allowing you to continue transacting without worry.

Enough teasing! How can I make my phone number appear different?

There is a free app called Phoner that makes your number appear different when you call or text. It does this by allowing you to pick different phone numbers that you can keep.

In just three easy steps, you can start using this Phoner app that changes your phone number.

Step 1: Download Phoner App

Head to the App Store and download Phoner Second Phone Number app.

Step 2: Sign up for an account

To sign up, all you need to do is to select ‘Sign Up’ on the main page, then input a username and password. Lo and behold, now you can start creating and managing your disposable phone number from any device!

Step 3: Choose a different phone number

The Phoner app allows you to keep and store more than one different phone number from a list of numbers that from over 35 countries and unique area codes.

And that’s how simple it is to change your phone number!