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Phoner features

Phoner is the top rated app that lets you buy second phone numbers for personal privacy and business productivity.

Private Phone Numbers

Get completely private second phone number without changing your device or signing a new contract.

Hide & Mask your Caller ID

Text and call with anonymous second phone numbers without revealing your true phone number.

Protect your Identity & Privacy

Enjoy a peace of mind when you give out your second phone number for work, online dating, Craigslist etc.

One Phone, Many numbers

Get multiple phone numbers on just one phone. Burn and dispose unwanted numbers at any time.

Cheap Texting & Voice Calls

Keep your data plan and make calls at cheap rates. Texting is also free when you text from Phoner to Phoner.

International Calling & Texting

Enjoy overseas calling and texting at cheap rates. Get local numbers when you travel to another country.

Why use Phoner

Phoner is the top rated app that lets you buy second phone numbers for personal privacy and business productivity.

Simplify your life

Simplify your life by using separate phone numbers. Get one phone number for personal use, and a second phone number for a different purpose— for work and business, for online dating and Craigslist etc.

Retain privacy

Second phone numbers shield your real identity from third parties and people you do not know. Text anonymously and call privately from second phone numbers in Phoner to retain your personal privacy.

Never give out your real number again

You will never have to give out your real phone number again with Phoner second phone numbers. Get a second phone number and avoid exposing your real phone number to untrusted parties, websites, callings lists, and robocalling lists and spam messages.

Protect and hide your real number now with #1 burner app

Get your own private phone numbers with Phoner for iOS or Android

How can I use Phoner?

See how you can use Phoner and Second Phone Numbers

For Personal Privacy

Phoner helps you to obtain a second phone number for personal privacy in online and offline situations.

Use second phone numbers to sign up for accounts on websites, mobile apps, text new people you meet online, transact over Craigslist; or join retail memberships, give out to strangers etc.

Protect your identity and retain personal privacy by texting and calling anonymously with Phoner, which masks your real phone number from any new people you may text or meet.

Privacy Features

Text & Call Anonymously
Hide and mask Caller ID
Protect your real phone number
No additional SIM needed
Hey there 👋🏻 Is the xbox bundle you listed on Craglist still available?
Yes it is. I am looking for $200
I will take it, Let’s meet tonight at the Gin´s pizzeria
Ok, we have a deal

As Business Phone Numbers

Get separate business phone numbers for your work or business to increase productivity and boost responsiveness to customers.

Phoner offers business phone numbers from 35+ countries and 50 states. Getting a new business number with Phoner is dead easy.

With a Phoner business number, text and call from the same device. No need to buy a new phone or get a new contract. Build your business freely and gain ultimate productivity with business phone numbers.

Business Number Features

Local business phone numbers in any state
No need to buy new phone or get new contract
Call forwarding and recording
Never use your real phone number for work again
Are you available tomorrow for an appointment at 2pm?
Yes! We are available tomorrow! 😃
Perfect. See you then.
Looking forward!

For International Calling and Texting

Get International phone numbers when travelling to a new country, or for talking to loved ones, or for talking to people living far away in another part of the world.

International phone numbers help you to live in a world with barriers. Save on steep international dialing rates and use Phoner to text and call at the lowest rates.

International Calling Features

Local numbers in 35+ countries and 50 states
Reliable calling
Cheap international calling and texting
No SIM card swapping
Just got a France number so that I can text you. We miss you! ❤️
Is that you mom? I miss you guys.
Wow this app really works!
Yes. I am able see your texts mom.

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It works

Sometimes you just can’t put your number out there and this works exactly like a your dedicated cell line with calling and texting. Genius!

from blondee1027

Best mobile online phone app

This app is nothing short of amazing. It’s the only app I will ever use

from TheBarberNick


I have used several apps before to be able to make calls out due to my phone being disconnected and this is the only app that has never given me a problem.

from bopwityoboi

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