Record calls on your smartphone easily with ultimate clarity

Welcome to the top rated Call Recorder App — Record incoming and outgoing calls easily, and create unlimited recordings. Once you are done, your recording appears instantly in iRec. Works for business, personal, and more.

Welcome to the top rated Call Recorder App — Record every incoming and outgoing call easily, and create unlimited recordings. Once you are done, your recording appears instantly in iRec. Works for business, personal, and more.

Why use iRec to record phone calls?

iRec is the Top Rated Call Recorder App that allows you to record
any incoming or outgoing phone calls directly from your smartphone.

Capture important moments in calls

Record every call in its entirety and never miss a single moment or detail.

Record both incoming & outgoing calls

iRec has ability to record both incoming and outgoing calls.

High quality and clear recordings

Record phone calls in crystal clear quality, without noise or distortion.

Unlimited call recordings

Make recordings that are as long as you want and as many recordings as you want.

Works with any country code

iRec works every country code to record phone calls from any part of the world.

Download or save to email

Once you are done, download and save recordings as .mp3 files and share via email.

Why Record Your Phone Calls?

See why you should record your phone calls and retain important conversations as recordings.

Capture important moments

Record and capture special moments in phone calls. Keep a copy of your conversation with important people, loved ones, or colleagues, or create audio recordings for work or legal.

Avoid missed or forgotten details

Playback any recording at any time. With every word and sound captured and recorded in iRec, never miss a word or detail from any phone calls ever again.

Safeguard against liability

iRec helps you to create and retain important audio proof and evidence to protect yourself against future liabilities and avoid costly legal situations.

Never miss a thing with call recording again

Record every important moments in phone calls when you download iRec for iOS

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How can I use iRec Call Recorder?

See the ways you can use a Call Recorder to benefit your work and your life.

Record calls with family and loved ones

iRec helps you to keep important memories from phone calls with family and loved ones.

Recording phone calls is easy and just works- Whether it is an for incoming or outgoing call, just tap on 'Record' to start recording the phone call.

Create as many recordings as you want and need for family and loved ones, without any limits.

Call recording Features

  • Dead simple to use
  • Just tap to record
  • Create unlimited recordings
  • Keep special memories with loved ones forever
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Record calls for business or work

iRec creates a 1-to-1 replication of what was said and heard, without any added distortion, compression, or background noise, making it the most trusted way to record calls directly from your smartphone for work and business.

Once you are done, recordings appear instantly in iRec. You can download them as mp3 files and share via email immediately. Recordings and conversations are also automatically transcribed to text and subtitles during playback.

Business call recording Features

  • Clear and reliable recordings for business
  • Transfer to desktop or email
  • Recording works with any country code
  • Transcribe audio to text automatically
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Create Evidence for Legal Protection

iRec recordings preserve every detail from your phone calls that can be used as valuable proof or evidence, that could turn out to be the difference between a simple dispute resolution and a long and costly law battle.

Recordings created with iRec become completely private data that you own, retained in our highly secured servers for playback or review at any time.

Audio Reliability Features

  • Ultimate clarity, without adding distortion, compression, or background noise
  • Save recordings securely and privately
  • Playback later for study and review
  • Transcribe audio to text automatically
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5 Stars
Worked super for me

Worked super for me.. just press the red button and it will record easily.


5 Stars
Best I've seen or used hands down!

By far superior to any other app available. So many features and it picks up everything!


5 Stars
This is the one to use!

I have tried so many recorder apps. I’ve finally found the one to use. Easy to access and great volume so you can actually hear the recorded cal!!



1. How does iRec Call Recorder work?

iRec Call Recorder works by creating a 3 way call between you, the caller, and our iRec service. When you are on a call you want to record, simply open the iRec Call Recorder app and tap on 'Record'. The app immediately will create a connection to our IRec Number, and recording will start as soon as iRec Number connects. Now, simply merge the calls to create a 3-way conference and your conversation will be recorded in the background.

2. How do I access my recordings?

Your recordings are immediately available in the app once the call has ended and our servers have processes the recording and sound file. To view the recording, tap on 'Recordings' tab at the bottom of the screen, and tap on the person or number you made the recording with. From here, you can play back each recording or share it through email to save a copy securely.

3. What is iRec good for?

iRec provides a crystal clear, high quality recording of your call that is useful many purposes and any use cases. Use iRec for business recording, private recording for evidence gathering, talking to loved ones and more.

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