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We set the standard for online privacy and security

Our mobile apps don’t just make it faster and easier to communicate than ever before – they improve your security and privacy with every tap.


Private texting and anonymous calls.

Ever worry about sharing your phone number online? Phoner makes it simpler and safer, by working as a phone number changer to generate multiple new numbers instantly - allowing you to do anonymous texting and even get a private 2nd phone number.


Internet protection anywhere you roam.

It’s never been more important to protect your privacy online. Whether it's connecting to public WiFi or keeping your IP address anonymous, VPN Unlimited Vault makes it easy to keep your personal information yours.


Re-Call Recorder

Record incoming and outgoing phone calls easily. Once you are done, your recording appears instantly in Re-Call for listening.

Scanner PDF

Scan receipts, business cards, or even handwritten notes with your iPhone or iPad and convert to PDF easily.

Fax Zap

Scan documents and send a fax from your iPhone or iPad. No more expensive fax lines or clunky machines.

Text Vault

Protect your real phone number when texting and keep your personal number private.

Photon Applock

Lock text messages, your photo gallery, contacts and apps securely with a PIN or pattern password.

Docs Unlimited

Edit your Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents directly on your iPad or iPhone.

Photon Browser

Join 20 million users to browse the Internet, play games and watch videos on the #1 Flash Player app.

- The best Paid Flash player for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.
- Top 30 overall iPad app since launch with 4.5 star reviews.
- Play Flash games, browse Flash sites and watch Flash videos using Flash Player for Android and iOS.

We’re creating a better world online

Our powerful products are backed by highly sophisticated systems - to help you to protect your identity online, secure communications, avoid unwanted targeting or advertising, and gain Internet freedom.

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It works

Sometimes you just can’t put your number out there and this works exactly like a your dedicated cell line with calling and texting. Genius!

from blondee1027

Best mobile online phone app

This app is nothing short of amazing. It’s the only app I will ever use

from TheBarberNick


I have used several apps before to be able to make calls out due to my phone being disconnected and this is the only app that has never given me a problem.

from bopwityoboi