Phoner Regulatory Compliance (RC)

As most countries are increasing their laws for phone numbers, Phoner (and our users) are required to adhere to Regulatory Compliance (RC).

This means that each user will have to provide identity information and supporting documents for countries that require Regulatory Compliance (RC). If you do not provide this, the phone number cannot be purchased.

Why is this needed?

Countries are increasing enforcement for many reasons, including fraud, incidents of misuse/abuse and heightened national security concerns.

Quick summary

If you are planning to purchase a number that requires Regulatory Compliance (RC), you will need to provide the following:

1. Information of an individual or business

2. Photo proof of supporting documents (if required)

This information will prove the existence of an individual or business, and indicate the intent on how you are using the number.

How to upload identity information

Step 1: Before purchasing a Regulatory Compliance (RC) number in Phoner, you will see one of the following messages: "ID Required" or "Address Required".

Step 2: As you tap on 'Next' to proceed, you should will be asked to enter your personal or business information via a simple form.

Step 3: Next, if supporting documents are required, select either "Choose from Gallery" to choose an existing photo, or select "Take photo" to launch your phone camera to take a picture of the document.

Phoner makes the process very simple. Entering identity information and uploading of documents can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Privacy and Safety FAQ

1. What is Regulatory Compliance (RC)?

Many countries around the world have recently increased their control of how local phone numbers are used. This increased control and regulation is driven by various factors, including increased incidents of misuse and abuse of phone numbers, heightened national security concerns, and increased pressure on the supply of numbers.

As a result, many countries are updating their regulations and existing laws, requiring individuals to validate who is actually using the phone number, and/or exactly where that individual or business is located. In other words, the regulatory bodies wants to verify who is using the number and where they are.

Phoner and our users each have a role and obligation to ensure numbers are used in a manner consistent with the intent of the regulations in the relevant country.

2. How will my data be used?

Phoner takes our users' privacy and security very seriously: When you submit identity information and documents using Phoner, this information is sent securely and directly to our providing carrier/telco, and the information will be received only by the carrier alone.

The information is then verified and processed, by only our carrier and related regulatory bodies. As soon as verification is completed, we will remove and destroy your identity document information from our highly secure servers. We will never store your information for longer than what is required for the verification process, or more than 30 days, (whichever is longer).

Our role in Regulatory Compliance (RC) is to act as the intermediary to send information to the carrier in a safe and encrypted channel.

We will never use or share your information with any entities outside of Appsverse Inc, the carrier or regulatory or third party verification services, or use this information for any purpose other than Regulatory Compliance (RC) requirements.