Need a telephone conversation recorder? This article shows you how you can use your iPhone as a telephone conversation recorder.

Why Record Telephone Conversations?

There are many reasons why recording telephone conversations is something you want to try out for your future telephone calls. From what we have gathered here at the iRec team, here are the top reasons why people record telephone conversations:

  • Record telephone conversations with family and loved ones
  • Record telephone conversations for work and business
  • Record telephone conversations to keep as legal evidence

How to get a telephone conversation recorder on your iPhone

With iRec Telephone Call Recorder by Appsverse, you can record telephone calls directly on your iPhone.

iRec is the top rated and most downloaded telephone conversation recorder app for iPhone with the following features:

With iRec Telephone Call Recorder, you can:

  • Record calls on your smartphone easily with ultimate clarity
  • Record both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Make recordings that are as long as you want
  • Make as many recordings as you want
  • Make recordings from any country code
  • Download and save recordings as .mp3 files and share via email.

Can a telephone conversation recorder like iRect record incoming and incoming calls?

Use iRec to record outgoing telephone calls

iRec is a telephone conversation recorder that works to record conversations in outgoing calls. To call and record a particular conversation, tap on 'Record' in iRec Telephone Conversation Recorder and a call to our recording line will be initiated.

Once the recording line has connected, iRec will automatically show you a prompt which have your contact's number filled, just tap on call to connect the calls.

The last step is to merge the two calls into a 3-way conference call, and the telephone conversation recorder would be active and start recording in the background making a sound or interfering with the actual call.

Use iRec to record incoming telephone calls too

iRec also works to record incoming telephone calls. When you receive a phone call, you can go into iRec and tap on the 'Record' button to initiate a call again to the recording line. While your caller is placed on hold, you can quickly merge the two calls again to form a 3-way conference call just like with outgoing calls. Your telephone conversation will be recorded in high quality and clear audio.

Where can I download iRec telephone conversation recorder for iPhone?

Download iRec Telephone Call Recorder by Appsverse here from the Apple App Store.